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Your pet deserves to enjoy an amazing grooming experience filled with love and care and our mobile pet grooming service does just that.  VIP Sitters’ wealth of experience and expertise with grooming both cats and dogs and a unique approach offers our clients an extraordinary perspective and targeted grooming care.

Our team of professional pet stylists would be delighted to spruce up your pet in the comfort and convenience of your own home thus offering you flexibility. For your convenience your VIP Sitters pet grooming specialist is fully equipped with all the tools necessary to groom your pet. Our groomer will treat your pet with kit gloves and offer plenty of tender loving care and you don’t have to take our word for it, but experience it first hand as you stand by your pet’s side.Your pet will enjoy his or her own private grooming experience and will be treated with utmost respect and offered plenty of tender loving care.
Your pooch/kitty will receive the VIP treatment in a peaceful and tranquil environment. The individual attention and peaceful atmosphere we provide prevents your beloved pet from being exposed to the constant noise and distractions that is typical for most pet grooming shop. You save time and money on transportation and travel - making the VIP experience a positively excellent one for both you & your pet.
Pets that have traditionally been deemed 'impossible' to groom by others have been groomed by our stylists. Moreover, cats and dogs present different challenges when being groomed. Through our delicate approach and specialized protective equipment we
are able to groom even the most challenging pets.
The mobile pet (dog/cat and other domestic pets) grooming service is predominantly offered in the Greater Toronto area (i.e. Toronto, York Region, Durham Region, Peel Region) although many of our clients reside outside of the GTA and we would be delighted to provide you with a quote based on your location.
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  • You took great care of Juniper when we went for our family vacation. We got him back healthy, happy and stylishly groomed. Thank you so much.
    Jenna Patterson

  • Our mutt can be a handful and doesn’t tend to play well with others, but we were very impressed with how you handled him over the weekend. Whenever we go away, we know we can trust you with him

    Brian Korson